Sheridan Morley’s Rare Music Box Collection

A palm-sized publication on the great Sheridan Morley’s love of music boxes discovered during the visit to Penrhyn Road Archives. The booklet contains a collection of music boxes found in Central London and Kingston as well as an interview with Nicolas Simons of Music Box Society of Great Britain. The hydraulic press embossed cover mimics the teeth comb of the mechanical elements inside of the musical box.

︎ 60.6 x 82.2 mm

Appropriation or Appreciation? An Exploration of Cultural Appropriation on Orientals in the Creative Industry.

Whilst researching about Chinese takeaway fonts for my dissertation, I stumbled across a ‘print & sell your own’ gift store that was selling a t-shirt with the racial slur against East Asians.

Amazed at how certain slurs are able to bypass the current politically correct society, the slur and the ‘chink’ eyes face is embossed onto the publication cover to symbolise the hidden microagression that East Asians still face in our modern day society. Is it true that some minority groups are less important than others? Do we have to take action before it’s too late?

︎ 111mm x 193mm 

My Practice

A mini publication on my personal statement emphasizing on my practice intended for my future collaborators. The booklet also includes my business card at the back.

︎ 70mm x 115mm

Make Fail, Repeat
Publication, Editorial
2019 - ongoing

As each projects require plenty amount of experiments and prototypes, I have made a folder showcasing my many failed attempts or early “dummy” books as a reminder of the importance of trial and error within my practice.

︎ 176mm x 245mm

Hongkongers Won’t Back Down
Poster Design
2019 - Ongoing

Last month, a quarter of Hong Kong’s population came out to protest in fear that the extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government would expose the city to China’s flawed judicial system and lead to further erasure of HK’s judicial independence.

After several protests, the government still did not listen to its citizens to withdraw the bill, instead they postponed it. That means the government can again bring this matter to the parliament where most parliament members are pro-Beijing, therefore allowing the bill to pass.

This project will continue until the government withdraws the bill.

︎ 594mm x 841mm