Stop Mass Surveilance 

Teaming up with Amnesty International UK, we want to raise awareness about Prime Minister Teresa May recently allowing governmental agencies to hack into your computer for the sake of ‘counter terrorism’ and China installing facial recognition in their CCTVs. These actions could easily lead people to vulnerable cyber attacks.  So we headed to London’s Southbank in Waterloo. We made two different kinds of CCTV heads, a big pair of scissors for the people to cut the CCTV cords and a box for the petitions. The camera heads were made to purposely disturb people by staring at random people on the street and at what they’re doing. Causing them to become annoyed as a metaphor that mass surveillance is uncomfortable. To stop the CCTV heads from annoying the people, we asked them to cut the cords as an act to stop it.

We have also altered Amnesty’s official fire candle logo into an eye. Symbolising mass surveillance.  

︎Year: 2017
Team: Christos Evangelou, Akitaka Kureyama, Archie Lin, Tess Tang, Moses Wong, Drew Wong, Emily Vong