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Primary SH△PE

Collaborating with Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School, we created a workshop led by myself and my Social Design team to encourage combining school curriculum with design teaching as we believe Design education should be for everyone.

During the workshop, we asked the students what they thought community was, using the geometric shapes found in  Year 4 Maths books as well as the school’s values.

Prior to the workshop in the school hall, we explained briefly what Graphic Design is with logos that the children are familiar with. The presentation slides were designed by myself and I helped laser cut the shapes for the children to play with.

We recorded the year 4 designs and plan to put the designs onto the panels as murals to celeberate the student’s achievements and to encourage creative activities. I look forward to carry on with this project with other primary schools in the future, therefore I created a website for our workshop.

︎Year: 2019
Team: Max Graham, Thomas Heath, Yukyung Kim, George Kyrou, Archie Lin, Samantha Muclusky